Máire C. Ryan is a first class graduate of Religious Studies at the University of Edinburgh (2012). Upon graduating, she moved to Bosnia and Herzegovina,where she worked for Cinema for Peace, taught English, and volunteered for charitable institutions as an events coordinator . A member of Sarajevo Writers’ Workshop, she has been writing since she was very young. Losing marks on her dissertation for being too descriptive, she decided that she should write prose. Máire focuses on both the mundane and more difficult events in day-to-day life, constantly trying to understand the way humans behave, in her work. She now lives and works in London. In her spare time, she still does charity work. She is interested in crafts, as well as 19th and 20th century children’s literature.


We talked to Máire in October – watch the full interview and find out what she said about her writing process, the influence Sarajevo had on her, her piece ‘The Passive Criminal – Defence of a Lover Who Fled’ published in NEMA and her opinion on the future of the journal.