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"Máire C. Ryan"

NEMA presents: Máire C. Ryan

Máire C. Ryan is a first class graduate of Religious Studies at the University of Edinburgh (2012). Upon graduating, she moved to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nastavi čitati “NEMA presents: Máire C. Ryan”

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Unnamed German

She was sent off into the world with one piece of advice from her esteemed sire. He told her: “Don’t let them win you on penalties. If it comes down to it, bow out and walk away.” Her father considered himself to be the Confucius of his age and with such an excess of nose and ear hair, she often thought of him as a relic from some Lancashire-based monastic order. Nastavi čitati “Unnamed German”

The Passive Criminal – Defence of a Lover Who Fled



These charges are erroneous. The degree of slander laid at my client’s door is unfounded and offensive. The rumour-mill was always going to be unavoidable, but the lack of common decency displayed by the plaintiff has forced my client to demand a counter-suit. Nastavi čitati “The Passive Criminal – Defence of a Lover Who Fled”

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