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A Triptych, Grace Herring

  Aqua They’ll punish you like they did Alice Fitzpatrick for crunching on an apple in church, her cold gloat reduced to half a calf’s lick: a curl of baby hair tossed into crater lake. Distilled aqua ersatz, tear-stained glass... Continue Reading →

Afterwards: A Love Poem

That day, we found a moon of a fish, belly-pocked with spots, on the lip of the shore. It was still. It was gorgeous. We did not know what to do. You filled with manic hope, looking for a banyan... Continue Reading →

How Sarajevo shaped me: forgiveness, poetry and the holy month

Ramadan has just begun this year—a time of restraint and self-reflection, a time where I intentionally build moments to return to myself amid the everyday chaos of living. Four years ago I was living in Sarajevo; my last month in... Continue Reading →

A Scottish Girl in Sarajevo

Sarajevo meant a lot to me, means a lot to me still, my time there has shaped me, in fact. Everything I took for granted, every dream I was realizing; all painful laborious struggles. The warmth of every hearth I... Continue Reading →

A rose is a rose

  Roses are red and Saturn blazes scarlet in the sky Or is that Mars? I was never a physicist They said I asked too many questions. So I became a poet instead and Now I’ll discover the answer to... Continue Reading →

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