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Whitesleeves | Extorris


A. had decided to wear a white shirt, although
black befits a funeral, they say,
for you cannot be wistful in white, yet Nastavi čitati “Whitesleeves | Extorris”


On the Edge of Reason (extract)

On Human Folly

At night, when I hold conversations with myself, I cannot logically justify my constant preoccupation with human folly.

Nastavi čitati “On the Edge of Reason (extract)”

Bojan Krivokapić, Two poems

(translated from the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian by Mirza Purić)

not my children

beggars at my door
I’m not opening
the spyhole is a safe space Nastavi čitati “Bojan Krivokapić, Two poems”

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