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Higher | Sunflowers



mama, what happened here?

I ask and ask, already, one might say, grown up Nastavi čitati “Higher | Sunflowers”

Ani Gjika, Three poems



at night grandma prays lying on the floor. i hear grandma sleep. mouth open. breathing like she has flies in her throat. i accidentally break off the head of my doll and tell mami Nastavi čitati “Ani Gjika, Three poems”

Naomi Schademan, 2 poems



I watched the video of the ocean

that you sent

and read Rumi’s “The Seed Market”

per your request. Nastavi čitati “Naomi Schademan, 2 poems”

Jackson, Two Poems


I am a woman and I speak.
I am a woman with lines on her face and I speak.
I am a woman with lines on her face and scars on her belly and I speak
with the voice of a mother
I said, a mother Nastavi čitati “Jackson, Two Poems”

Bojan Krivokapić, Two poems

(translated from the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian by Mirza Purić)

not my children

beggars at my door
I’m not opening
the spyhole is a safe space Nastavi čitati “Bojan Krivokapić, Two poems”

The Three Ifs


If I could talk to the old, sage winds

That roam the ancient skies of your land

I’d ask them to tell me stories of yore

Of the gods and the rulers and the holy men Nastavi čitati “The Three Ifs”

Matthew Pither, Poetry

Generation MM


O dearest child, millennial thing,

how slow the world must seem to spin, Nastavi čitati “Matthew Pither, Poetry”

Sophie Fenella, Poetry


You wanted it all


I get it now. There are many different ways of coming

close to heaven, you say and I’m listening Nastavi čitati “Sophie Fenella, Poetry”

A Triptych, Grace Herring



They’ll punish you like they did
Alice Fitzpatrick for crunching on
an apple in church, her cold gloat
reduced to half a calf’s lick: a curl
of baby hair tossed into crater lake.
Distilled aqua ersatz, tear-stained
glass in Mary’s corner. Nastavi čitati “A Triptych, Grace Herring”

Afterwards: A Love Poem

That day, we found a moon

of a fish, belly-pocked with

spots, on the lip of the shore. It

was still. It was gorgeous. We

did not know what to do. You

filled with manic hope, Nastavi čitati “Afterwards: A Love Poem”

Alva Considers the Valley

Alva Considers the Valley


From the highest hill of the property,

the mountains resembled a man sunk heavy

in prayer: two slopes for muscled shoulders

Nastavi čitati “Alva Considers the Valley”

A rose is a rose


Roses are red and

Saturn blazes scarlet in the sky

Or is that Mars? Nastavi čitati “A rose is a rose”



This time
when she asks me to be her daughter
I will say yes. Nastavi čitati “Daughter”

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