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Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year

Last night, I set up a new set of floating shelves in my kitchen. Then, I cried. I cried because every time I make an improvement to my one-bedroom apartment in Washington Heights, I realize that the person I’m supposed... Continue Reading →

I first heard of "The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows" a little less than two years ago, from a friend who owns similar taste buds when it comes to life and art. Although I could not immediately make out what it... Continue Reading →

The Trail

You see the trail during your first week in Singapore. If not impossible, it is certainly improbable – a slash of scarified green tissue running under a traffic interchange and continuing into the distance before abruptly turning a corner. It... Continue Reading →

Presenting: Masha Davidov

Masha Davidov, born in Tel Aviv in 1991, is the daughter of professional pianists and naturally had a musical education from an early age. Although she subsequently switched to the visual arts as her abilities began to show, Davidov never... Continue Reading →

How Sarajevo shaped me: forgiveness, poetry and the holy month

Ramadan has just begun this year—a time of restraint and self-reflection, a time where I intentionally build moments to return to myself amid the everyday chaos of living. Four years ago I was living in Sarajevo; my last month in... Continue Reading →

Alexandra Osbourne: Dreamlike Delirium

Alexandra is a 25 year old artist from Barcelona. She's a teacher of English, and Arts and Crafts, and she spends most of her time drawing, painting and writing. When did you start doing art? I have always loved drawing. It has... Continue Reading →

The Cow in the Bathroom

It's a while since I realised there’s a test—a virtual checklist—for being a Sarajevan. I’m not a Sarajevan yet and may never check all the items on the list. Still, I know a few. Do you keep live chickens out of... Continue Reading →

A Scottish Girl in Sarajevo

Sarajevo meant a lot to me, means a lot to me still, my time there has shaped me, in fact. Everything I took for granted, every dream I was realizing; all painful laborious struggles. The warmth of every hearth I... Continue Reading →

NEMA presents: Máire C. Ryan

Máire C. Ryan is a first class graduate of Religious Studies at the University of Edinburgh (2012). Upon graduating, she moved to Bosnia and Herzegovina,where she worked for Cinema for Peace, taught English, and volunteered for charitable institutions as an... Continue Reading →

Authentic Voices Loosely Connected

I first met Matea Šimić in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 2012. That fall I launched the Sarajevo Writers’ Workshop, a group of poets and prose writers working in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and English. Matea and I ran into each other a... Continue Reading →

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