Masha Davidov, born in Tel Aviv in 1991, is the daughter of professional pianists and naturally had a musical education from an early age. Although she subsequently switched to the visual arts as her abilities began to show, Davidov never abandoned her musical studies  – she plays the piano and violin. Shifting her academic focus saw Davidov following in the footsteps of her famous Russian relatives Valentina Nechaeva-Chebakova, Nikita Chebakov, and Alexander Chebakov.

She studied art at the University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Fine Arts, where she distinguished herself with an Honours degree in 2012, and stayed on to gain her Masters. Alongside her studies, Davidov held private exhibitions in Spain, Israel, and France. Her artistic motivation comes from the organic shapes, flowers, animals and largely from the natural world. It encompasses different styles and interpretations. Davidov and her brother, international pianist and composer Michael Davidov, have collaborated on an investigation of the relationship between music and the visual arts, which saw Davidov illustrating Michael’s compositions.

Davidov produces posters, logos, and other designs. Alongside her exhibitions, she sells her work – which are included in private collections in Spain, Canada, France, Israel and the USA – and she offers painting and drawing lessons. She also plays with the amateur theater group Casual Company.

“Like carrying light from a dream in your hands”

Pensamient, sueño was made between 2013 and 2015: internal reflections through self-portraits of mixed technique, mixed media on paper, accompanied by some writings and poetry. In this series, Davidov unpicks the feelings of her thoughts and dreams, asserting that “Through art, sometimes one can evoke some of these ephemeral sensations, and explore the inexplicable”.