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Grace Eden: Self-portraits

Grace Eden is a self taught fine art and documentary photographer from St. Anns in Nottingham. She is also a full time carer still shielding at home and looking after her 77 year old father who has Parkinson's Disease and... Continue Reading →

A Day of Light

                  Featured image: "Fog and Dew" Dawn Fog over the Corrib River, Galway, May 2016 © Shane Broderick Shane Broderick is a 23 year-old English teacher  based in Barcelona. He's originally from the... Continue Reading →


I never played with a Sindy. She was my older cousin’s best friend though. I knew a Barbie once. But we never got along well. I’d see her occasionally. She never saw me though. I neither liked her nor disliked... Continue Reading →


“I wonder,” you said. “That doesn’t surprise me,” I answered. “How do you do this?” You were in the phase where you constantly had to lend an ear to your uncontrollable urge for searching. And now you were missing. “Baby,... Continue Reading →

Presenting: Masha Davidov

Masha Davidov, born in Tel Aviv in 1991, is the daughter of professional pianists and naturally had a musical education from an early age. Although she subsequently switched to the visual arts as her abilities began to show, Davidov never... Continue Reading →

How Sarajevo shaped me: forgiveness, poetry and the holy month

Ramadan has just begun this year—a time of restraint and self-reflection, a time where I intentionally build moments to return to myself amid the everyday chaos of living. Four years ago I was living in Sarajevo; my last month in... Continue Reading →

Alexandra Osbourne: Dreamlike Delirium

Alexandra is a 25 year old artist from Barcelona. She's a teacher of English, and Arts and Crafts, and she spends most of her time drawing, painting and writing. When did you start doing art? I have always loved drawing. It has... Continue Reading →

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