“Hot Drop” Milk mixing with hot tea, late morning. Galway, Ireland. © Shane Broderick


“End of the World”. Noon, Dún Aonghasa, Inis Mór, Galway Ireland, June 2016. © Shane Broderick.


“Heel-Sized” Chihuahua standing to attention, afternoon, Barcelona, August 2016 © Shane Broderick


“Scintillating Love” Pride, early evening, Barcelona, July 2016. © Shane Broderick


“Sing ’til Your Livers Collapse” Bieaardcantus, Evening, Leuven Belgium, 2014 © Shane Broderick


“Adieu” Sunset at Cregg, Galway Ireland, 2016 © Shane Broderick


“Cracking” Firework, Night time, Kinsale Cork, Ireland. July 2015 © Shane Broderick


“Nightlight” Dublin City/River Liffey for the Ha’Penny Bridge. Midnight. January 2016 © Shane Broderick


“Newsflash” Lightning in Barrio Sargada Familia, Late Night/ Early Morning, Barcelona, October 2016. © Shane Broderick


Featured image: “Fog and Dew” Dawn Fog over the Corrib River, Galway, May 2016 © Shane Broderick

Shane Broderick is a 23 year-old English teacher  based in Barcelona. He’s originally from the windy, wet west coast of Ireland, where he received his degree in English Literature and Sociology/Political Science. He has an affinity for travel and living abroad, as all Irish people do, and has lived in Galway in Ireland, Leuven in Belgium and now Barcelona. He enjoys photography, reading, writing, his job, collecting books and CDs. Follow him on Instagram and WordPress.