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Grace Eden: Self-portraits

Grace Eden is a self taught fine art and documentary photographer from St. Anns in Nottingham. She is also a full time carer still shielding at home and looking after her 77 year old father who has Parkinson's Disease and... Continue Reading →

Nora Jesenski: Svemir su sjene koje padaju na zid

  Nora Jesenski je fotografkinja, vizualna umjetnica i pjesnikinja s trenutnom adresom u Berlinu. Kontakt:  

Phoebe Rope: Childhood

Photographs © Phoebe Rope

Martina Jagečić: U potrazi za izgubljenim vremenom

      Fotografije © Martina Jagečić

Emancipated Photography

Jack Dunn, of Emancipated Photography, likes taking photos. He started playing with photography mainly because he has done irreparable damage to my memory through lots of poor choices, and thought "wow I wouldn't mind remembering some of these things I... Continue Reading →


                  Fatih Er was born in 1992 in Turkey. After finishing high school, he moved to Sarajevo. He is currently studying Visual Arts and Communication Design at International University of Sarajevo. Featured image: Fatih... Continue Reading →

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