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story in installments

Mr. Ali’s Driver (IV)


I was eager to talk to Hannah and Mariam.  I wanted to hear Hannah’s voice. I needed to hear about what she did that day.  Did she go to the market with Mariam? I thought to myself all day. The December night wasn’t particularly cold, but I had the heater plugged in and was waiting for it to heat up. The thumps it made as it began to heat were rhythmic. Nastavi čitati “Mr. Ali’s Driver (IV)”

Mr. Ali’s Driver (II)


We pulled up to a covered parking lot. There were spaces for three cars, and Ahmed occupied the last one.  I opened the door, and felt the anxiety that I was expecting to feel. It wasn’t the job that made my stomach tight. Nastavi čitati “Mr. Ali’s Driver (II)”

Mr. Ali’s Driver (I)


It was so quiet. As I waited for my bag, I only heard murmurs of dissatisfied travelers, and men in uniforms constantly repeating one or two instructions. Sheikh Saad Airport was not a big airport, or at least it did not seem to me. Nastavi čitati “Mr. Ali’s Driver (I)”

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