On quiet contemplationEvery time we meet we talk for hoursI know what to do nowCuttings do grow rootsThe next novelYou will, of course, remember thatMost of the time we had been there beforeAnd then I woke up
V. B. Borjen is an author and visual artist currently based in the Czech Republic. His first poetry collection in Bosnian, Priručnik za levitiranje (en. Levitation Handbook), won the 2012 Mak Dizdar Award for the best first manuscript by a young poet. His work in English and his recent visual art have appeared in The Esthetic Apostle, High Shelf, AZURE, Chaleur Magazine, Hypothetical, From Whispers to Roars, Not Your Mother’s Breast Milk, Honey & Lime, in the Ice Floe Press’ online anthology #Geographies and elsewhere. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Masaryk University in Brno and serves as Guest Editor at Palette Poetry and Frontier Poetry magazines. Twitter: @Borjen, Instagram: samoniklo