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Naomi Schademan, 2 poems

Home   I watched the video of the ocean that you sent and read Rumi's "The Seed Market" per your request.   It is mid-morning here; a cool breeze brushes my skin while I write.   I could see that... Continue Reading →

The Smell of Mothballs

          "He is a little bit late, isn't he?" asked Emina, opening the door.  With her hair wrapped up in a wet towel she headed back through the narrow hallway. Slightly confused, I stood there for... Continue Reading →

Matthew Pither, Poetry

Generation MM   O dearest child, millennial thing, how slow the world must seem to spin, when screens and phones aren't close at hand, a state you scarcely comprehend.   Oh what on earth your 'friends' might think? You haven't... Continue Reading →

[KEYFRAME] n. a moment that seemed innocuous at the time but ended up marking a diversion into a strange new era of your life – set in motion not by a series of jolting epiphanies but by tiny imperceptible differences... Continue Reading →

[KOINOPHOBIA] – im., Strah da živiš običnim životom.   RED ZA HLJEB   Nećemo svi uvijek biti moćni i razdragani dok Ne razgrćemo sivilo i zavjese od prozora koji gledaju na Igralište gdje se igraju djeca, debela i vesela od... Continue Reading →

I first heard of "The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows" a little less than two years ago, from a friend who owns similar taste buds when it comes to life and art. Although I could not immediately make out what it... Continue Reading →

[MAUERBAUERTRAURIGKEIT] – im., Neobjašnjiva potreba da odgurneš ljude od sebe, čak i bliske prijatelje koji ti se sviđaju, kao da su ti svi društveni okusni pupoljci odjednom otupjeli ostavljajući te u nemogućnosti da razlikuješ jeftine pristojnosti od iskrene privrženosti, da... Continue Reading →

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